Steelcoat® High Density Masks, Covers, and Protects

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If you’re already a participant in the paint industry, you know how important plastic sheeting can be on a frequent basis. There is an abundance of ways that it can come in handy on the job site but those who aren’t around the paint industry may not have as clear of an understanding as to its benefits. DIYers may not see the potential within those thin pieces of plastic, so let’s take a few minutes to explain why exactly plastic sheeting, painter’s plastic, and masking film can be beneficial to any at risk workspace.
These products perform three main tasks: they mask, cover and protect. In our first example we’ll discuss the masking aspect. A worrisome aspect of undertaking any paint job is the splatter, if you aren’t careful paint can get in every little crevice. With a product like Steelcoat® High Density Painter’s Plastic you’ll have the ability to cover any area of need and have confidence that the superior tape adhesion built into our non-slip film will keep your floors and furniture clean.

High Density Poly Film is highly applicable for any sort of coverage indoors or outside. In this situation it can apply to a large field of users ranging from retail consumers to industrial professionals. You could be working on a project in your backyard and a storm hits suddenly. If you don’t have enough time to move all of the equipment under cover this film can act as a temporary barrier between your equipment and the elements. On the industrial end of the spectrum, the wide range of sizes available from Steelcoat® allows for coverage of your product no matter the shape so that it doesn’t collect dust or dirt while waiting to be shipped off to a customer.

Finally, High Density Painter’s Plastic is great for protection purposes. With its built-in cling treatment, Steelcoat’s film can help you keep your drywall and furniture free and clear of any possible debris that may come loose when doing any work on your ceiling. It can also be set up as a vapor barrier to protect workers on the job site that may not be equipped with the proper safety equipment.